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A young team with an innovative spirit that perfectly combines traditional recipes and technology in the elaboration of pastries.

The first generation, with Javier and Nekane in the lead, led this adventure in its beginnings, and over the years, his son Eneko, after getting all the necessary knowledge that his parents transmitted to him, leads this business, which prospers and grows every year. Faith of this gives the growth its facilities that have experienced. What was once a small bakery business, turned into an industrial bakery with bigger facilities. Since 2018, the current industrial furnace in which it finds ” Pastas Monasterio de Cascante “, in which he has added remarkable technical advances, which do not diminish the authenticity of his perennial process of artisanal elaboration.

“Pastas Monasterio de Cascante” core values are  craftsmanship and manual process in origin at 100%, but does not neglect the opening to the technological vanguard, counting on machinery specialized in the elaboration of delicatessen product.

Select ingredients for handcrafted pastries

The natural ingredients we use,  controlled by its traceability from the first link of the chain, enable an excellent artisanal process, controlled and standardized by independent organizations. We are members of  “Alimentos Artesanos de Navarre” and “Reyno Gourmet”, which guarantee total authenticity and absence of additives and artificial preservatives.

Almond -as the main ingredient-, nuts, animal fats, natural flours and sugars, and a unique elaboration process, are the only secret of its flavor.


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